Chiropractic for Seniors


Regardless of age, your health is the most valuable asset.
Many seniors are unaware of the outstanding benefits that are possible through regular chiropractic care. Chiropractic care is extremely important for the maturing and elderly adult because of the dramatic changes that occur in the spine with increasing age.

Is Chiropractic Safe for Seniors?
Some senior patients that come to see us are initially concerned that chiropractic adjustments could harm them. This is not the case. Chiropractic care is tailored for each specific patient and their symptoms.
Knowing what chiropractic technique, and what level of force, and what complimentary therapies to use with each patient...especially the elderly patient, is the art of chiropractic.

Elderly patients can benefit from much needed relief from many ailments and treatment is safe for those with arthritis or low bone density and osteoporosis.

Regardless of age, regular exercise, a healthy lifestyle and chiropractic care will help preserve your body and assist in slowing down the effects of aging.

How can Chiropractic help you?
Chiropractic is effective in providing pain relief because most causes of spinal disorders are related to abnormalities of the spine and the surrounding soft tissue structures. Doctors of chiropractic are specifically trained to identify and treat subluxations (misalignments of the vertebrae) and their subsequent effect on the central nervous system. This can help you to:

  • Enjoy pain relief without medication - Anti inflammatory medication and pain relievers merely mask the symptoms and have many undesirable side effects. Chiropractic care can provide pain relief without medication.
  • Enjoy increased range of motion of the spine and extremities – Chiropractic care has been shown repeatedly to increase not only the range of motion of the spine but also in the extremities enabling many to be able to start doing what they love to do, such as picking up the grandchildren.
  • Enjoy better balance and coordination - problems in balance and coordination in the aging population have been shown to come from injury or degenerative changes to the cervical spine (neck region). Studies have shown that chiropractic care can help restore balance and coordination by stimulating the joint receptors (mechanoreceptors) in the cervical spine.
  • Manage and treat decreased Joint Degeneration - A subluxated (misaligned) spine is much like a misaligned wheel on an automobile. This misalignment will cause the spine (as it does to a wheel) to wear out prematurely. Since all moving parts will eventually wear down over time, it is very important to get your spine aligned periodically. Chiropractic care decreases spinal degeneration and other arthritic changes by normalizing the spinal alignment and reducing spinal stress.
  • Decreased incidence of falling - Injuries due to falling are extremely common in the elderly population. Chiropractors help reduce the risk of falls by normalizing the mechanoreceptors of the cervical spine by administering chiropractic adjustments. They also prescribe stretching and exercise programs to increase strength, flexibility, mobility, balance and coordination.
  • Enjoy better health and well-being - Patients notice once they are out of pain they feel great.

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