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iStock_000018905278Small.jpgAt Stirling Health Professionals, we have a highly experienced team of sports oriented Chiropractors and Health Professionals who are here to help you achieve your sporting goals. Whether you have a yearning for that single figure golf handicap, an international gold medal or just to compete at your sporting passion, we are here to help.

It is has been long established and regularly repeated that maintain a healthy spine and nervous system is essential for maximum performance, both on and off the sporting field. Our Chiropractors hold post graduate qualifications in Sports Chiropractic, attaining the International Chiropractic Sports Science Diploma. They are highly experienced in dealing with a vast array of sporting injuries stemming from a large number of different sports. Ranging from high impact sports like Australian Rules Football, both Rugby codes and martial arts through to biomechanical issues from the repetitive sports like running, triathlon, tennis and golf.

At Stirling Health Professionals we aim to get you back on the field of play as rapidly as possible and, most importantly, with resolution of the underlying issues. Any sport will cause excessive twists and knocks, but with the right approach and some ongoing care, we will help you to recover quickly and prevent injuries from reoccurring.

iStock_000020110889Small.jpgAs a multidisciplinary clinic, we are able to provide our athletes of all levels with a complete service when it comes to optimizing their physical output. Like a finely tuned racecar, your body undergoes high levels of stress and wear when running at peak performance. By reducing the effects of heavy training loads and competition, we aim to help athletes compete for longer with greater success and minimal problems. Keeping your “human racecar” running on all cylinders becomes easier and allows you to really attack your goals. It’s like having a whole team of engineers and mechanics all in one place!

Nobody likes to have injuries interfere with their training and especially their competition. At Stirling Health Professionals, we are focused on providing the best service possible to help you achieve all your sporting goals. Whether it be returning to a full round of golf or that Olympic qualifying time, we are here to help.

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