Massage Types

Depending on your personal needs, a massage therapist may use one particular massage modality, or combine various modalities.

At Stirling Health Professionals we offer a variety of modalities which include,

  • sport 
  • remedial 
  • Lymph_Face.jpgSwedish 
  • myofascial 
  • trigger point 
  • deep tissue and reflexology

Each massage is tailored toward your individual needs.

We also offer other massage treatment types:

Lymphatic Massage 

LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE MASSAGE or Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a type of massage which encourages the natural circulation of the lymph through the body.

The lymph system depends on peristalsis and the movement of skeletal muscles to squeeze fluid through lymph ducts and vessels. 
Our massage therapist, Angela Balinski, is trained in lymphatic drainage which stimulates the lymph system with extremely light, circular movements.

The Benefits of Lymphatic Massage include,

  • Relieves fluid congestion, e.g. swollen ankles, tired puffy eyes, swollen legs during pregnancy, swellings after trauma and surgery
  •  Can improve chronic conditions, e.g. sinusitis, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, acne and other skin conditions
  •  May strengthen the immune system and help with the reduction of allergic reactions (eg. hayfever)
  •  Promotes the healing of fractures, torn ligaments and sprains and lessens the pain
  •  Promotes healing of wounds and burns and improves the appearance of old scars
  •  Minimizes or reduces stretch marks and can assist in the reduction of Cellulite
  •  Is preventative and remedial


Laser Massage

Low Level Laser Therapy
or LLLT is the treatment of various conditions using laser to effect a photochemical reaction at a cellular level. The laser light penetrates into tissue where it is absorbed by cells and converted into energy that influences the course of metabolic process. The laser does not heat tissue.

Specific advantages of the laser therapy include:-

  • Painless and often immediate analgesic effect at the time of treatment
  • Dramatically shortened recovery time with rapid reduction of swelling and inflammation
  • It acts on tissue repair by stimulating metabolic changes in the cells and interacts with atoms transferring energy to substances that absorb them

Laser therapy is recognised and used worldwide for the treatment of numerous injuries. Effective in the treatment of:-

  • Lymphedema
  • Slow healing skin wounds
  • Fibrous lesions
  • Sprained and strained ligaments
  • Tendon injuries
  • Muscle soreness

The laser can be used in conjunction with ultrasonic therapy, physiotherapy, chiropractic therapy and concurrent with most other therapy.

Treated skin wounds show the following reactions:-

  • Reduced scar formation
  • Reduced pain and inflammation
  • Increased collagen and reduced cellular substances
  • Increased epithelial activity
  • Increased capillary blood vessel formation

Laser Therapy appointments available with Angela Balinski

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