iStock_000003226996XSmall.jpgOccupational Therapists (OT) are health professionals who enable people to overcome limitations they may experience in their daily occupations. Occupational Therapists working in the area of soft tissue treatment focus on the interrelationship between occupation and soft tissue function.

At Stirling Health Professionals a holistic approach to treatment is utilised and individually tailored to each client to assist in restoring optimal movement patterns and affecting the health and function of soft tissue structures.

A wide variety of neuromuscular techniques are used by Occupational Therapists to enhance the functioning of the neuromusculoskeletal system. The aim of these techniques is to enhance the spinal muscular system in order to influence not only symptoms but to effectively deal with the cause/s of dysfunction.

Client education is also utilised to empower the client in maximising their own health outcomes and quality of life. Some of this may include strengthening and stretching programs, lifestyle changes (eg. weight loss, nutrition, emotional influences) and work/home environment changes.

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