What is Occupational Therapy?

iStock_000019545826Small.jpgPain? Restricted  Movement? Fatigue? Underperforming? Stress?

Occupational therapy treatment may be for you.

Did you know your headaches could be the result of a previous ankle injury.

Did you know your tennis elbow might be a result of poor shoulder stability.

Did you know your leg cramping might be a result of a lack of magnesium in your diet.

Our Occupational Therapist takes a holistic approach when treating and managing any condition an individual may be experiencing.  In a relaxed and friendly environment it is our aim to look at numerous facets that may be causing your condition and not just dealing with the symptoms.

Many individuals from a multitude of backgrounds have found our occupational therapy treatment beneficial in gaining and maintaining optimal health.

Your health is one of your truly most valuable assets – our Occupational Therapist is committed in helping you improve and maintain that asset.  Let us empower you back to good health.

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Occupational Therapy Operating Hours

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