iStock_000019156050Small.jpgAs the feet are the foundation of the body, imbalances in the feet can underlie many other painful conditions in the legs, pelvis and spine. Orthoses are orthopaedic devices designed to treat or adjust these various biomechanical anomalies. If orthoses are indicated the podiatrist will capture the profile of each foot with a 3D optical scanner and it is from this information that the orthoses are made. The laboratory we use to make the orthoses is an exclusive podiatry lab. The turnaround time for a pair of orthoses is around 10 days.

podiatry_gait_scan.jpgOur podiatrist generally prefers to use flexible orthoses made from a combination of thin, durable plastic and rubber as opposed to rigid devices. A common concern for patients is what type of shoes will fit an orthotic. Footwear choices for orthotic wearers have improved significantly over the years and we promise that you will not be condemned to ugly shoes!!!!

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