Podiatry for Children

Heel pain

iStock_000013450935Small.jpgHeel pain in girls aged 9-11 and boys aged 10-12 is very common and can be caused by a condition called Severs disease. Sever’s disease is a self limiting condition caused when the growth plate in the heel is irritated by traction of the calf muscle and Achilles tendon. Whilst the problem will resolve of its own accord when the growth centres fuse, it can be very painful and will limit exercise and sporting pursuits. Each patient is different, however there are often subtle biomechanical problems that exacerbate the traction and pain. When these are addressed, we often see significant pain reduction and a return to sport within a few weeks. Children are assessed with a full biomechanical exam and computerised gait analysis. This condition improves rapidly with orthoses. Where possible we use generic devices.

Toe walking

iStock_000006001209Small.jpgIt is normal for toddlers to walk on their toes as their gait develops, but when this continues in children older than two years it is cause for concern. Toe walking can be the first sign of a neurological or developmental condition and therefore needs to be investigated.

In the case where all medical reasons for toe walking has been excluded, treatments include stretching exercises, ankle foot orthoses, night splints and serial casting. The podiatrists here at Stirling Health Professionals will assess the child and implement an appropriate treatment strategy or refer to a medical specialist if necessary.

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